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Glenn Ann Martin, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist


ACOG Annual Meeting 2007

May 7 to 9, 2007
San Diego, California

Non-Endometrioid Peritoneal Lesions in Pelvic Pain

and Infertility Patients:  A Case Series  


Krishna Rajendra, MD, Brett Davenport, M4, Dan Martin, MD

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, Tennessee


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Conclusion: In the laparoscopic evaluation of pelvic pain and infertility, biopsy of suspicious peritoneal lesions yielded only benign, nonspecific pathology in this series.  This study suggests  the need for adequate laparoscopic criteria for the identification of benign lesions such as adhesions, endosalpingiosis, psammoma bodies, foreign body, and other more common pathology.  Formulation of such criteria might help to clarify the clinical significance of such lesions and may reduce the resources needed for histologic evaluation.

Published as abstract in Obstetrics and Gynecology 109, (4 Suppl): 107S, Apr 2007


Adept® (4% icodextrin) for Adhesion Prophylaxis


Dan C Martin, M.D

Conclusions:   The use of Adept® (4% icodextrin) or lactated Ringer’s solution at a volume of 1,000 cc decreases adhesions compared with the previous literature on volumes on up to 300 cc..  Adept is a peritoneal dialysis solution modified for use at surgery.  Significantly more Adept® patients achieved clinical success than lactated Ringer’s solution patients in a study on the web and to be published in November. 


Endo X - 10th World Congress on Endometriosis / AGES
11-14 Mar 2008
    Melbourne, Australia
    Professor David Healy
    + 61 3 9594 5374


Endometriosis Slides and Atlases:
    Laparoscopic Appearance of Endometriosis - 1988 Slide Set
Laparoscopic Appearance of Endometriosis - 1990 Color Atlas
    Laparoscopic Appearance of Endometriosis - 1991 Lecture Supplement

Recent Presentations and Posters
    25th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Endometriosis Society, Osaka, Japan, 2004 
AAGL 33rd Annual Meeting, San Francisco, California, 2004
    NIH 2001 - Research Aspects of Endometriosis Surgery

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