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Adhesions and Foreign Bodies

Adapted from "Recognition of Endometriosis" in
Laparoscopic Appearance of Endometriosis, Lecture Supplement
Martin DC (ed), Resurge Press, Memphis, (c)1991

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Endometriosis can be hidden within adhesions (Sampson, 1921) or behind pelvic foreign bodies. (Martin, 1991) Endometriosis was found in 39% to 50% of adhesions. This was frequently at the base of adhesions when the peritoneum was resected. (Jansen & Russell, 1986; Martin, Hubert, Vander Zwaag, & El-Zeky, 1989) Furthermore, endometriosis was hidden behind carbon in 16% of patients (Martin, et al., 1989) and behind suture in some patients. (Martin, Ahmic, El-Zeky, Vander Zwaag, Pickens, & Cherry, 1990)

Adhesions must be lysed for complete examination. Cancer has been found behind adhesions and associated with endometriosis. (Hunt, 1997)

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Adapted from "Recognition of Endometriosis" in
Laparoscopic Appearance of Endometriosis, Lecture Supplement
Martin DC (ed), Resurge Press, Memphis, (c)1991

The color illustrations that accompanied this paper are in the Color Atlas.

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