Tubal Reversal (Anastomosis)
Dr. Martin retired from clinical practice in 2016.

Dr. Martin's Worksheet can be used to predict success
rates after tubal reversal.  This was last updated in 2016

Pictures of Tubal Reversal Procedure

Notes on Insurance Coverage
Updated 2016

Insurance policies do not usually cover tubal surgery.
They may cover some of the evaluation or testing before
surgery without covering the surgery.

First check exclusions for
1) Infertility testing
2) Infertility services and treatment
3) Reversal of tubal ligation / tubal reanastomosis.

Then, if services are not excluded, ask if they cover
1) Infertility testing ICD-10 code Z31.41
2) Tubal infertility ICD-10 code Z97.1
3) Past tubal ligation ICD-10 code Z98.51
4) Tubal reversal CPT-4 code 58750

If you get an approval letter, read it carefully for
Insurance company approval does
not always mean the
service is covered.  The claim for an approved service
can be denied if the service was excluded or otherwise
not covered.  Check for both exclusions and coverage.

The old codes were:
1) Infertility testing ICD-9 code V26.21
2) Tubal infertility ICD-9 code 628.2
3) Tubal reversal CPT-4 code 58750