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Tubal Reversal (Anastomosis)
Cost Effective as an Outpatient Operation
The steps for tubal reversal are in General Information in downloads.
reviewed and we know if tubal reversal is a reasonable options for
you. There is no charge for the review.
On the other hand, if you have other reasons to be seen, or if you
want to discuss tubal surgery and other concerns before a review of
your records, you can make an appointment without waiting on your

We are on an electronic records system that requires registration for
mail correspondence. Registration is at
(901) 515-3800 or (901) 866-8220. Let them know you are
registering for Dr. Martin to review your tubal ligation records. Ask
them to notify Dr. Martin that you are registered and you will request
your records.
is under revision.

Dr. Martin has joined
UTROP and  
Regional One Health and continues
UTHSC as Divisional Director
of Reproductive Endocrinology and
of Minimally Invasive Surgery.
Tubal Reversal Downloads are at
Tubal Reversal (Anastomosis)

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Pictures of Procedure

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