In Memoriam: Ronald Elmer Batt, M.D., Ph.D. (history) 1935 - 2017

Friend, scholar, scientist, historian, and clinician

Dr Ronald Elmer Batt died 25 April 2017 aged 83 after a prolonged illness.

He is survived by his wife Kathleen, 12 children and step-children; 31 grandchildren and step-grandchildren; 6 step-great-grandchildren; and his sisters Norma Hinchy, Eileen Batt, and Phyllis Kavanaugh.

Ron was a friend to all, a scholar, a scientist, an historian, and a wonderful clinician. He will be missed by many including those who study or treat endometriosis and who continue to benefit from his contributions.

In Memoriam

Endometriosis Foundation of America Award 2015

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